Introduced world first Onboard teaching & Flexible teaching

Studynet is Education services global company, Head coaters located in India. We proudly saying introduced world first Onboard teaching & Flexible teaching services in studiumbook campus .
  • We introduced Onboard teaching in education.
  • We introduced Flexible teaching in education.
  • We are developing new innovative products for feature.
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Studiumbook campus for every body

Studiumbook campus is a platform that works for everyone helping a learner in their learning journey. and also its help to reduce learning time to learners & reduce financial aspects to all industries

Who we are

Studiumbook is services educations tools to schools and colleges.

    Our Mission

    support to students to better understand concepts Support to schools, colleges to store their lecture notes, PPTs, class videos to present on class and provide to students. Support for Training institutes to provide their courses and material to students.

    Our Vision

    Collaborating all schools/colleges/Training institutes in a single place to share their knowledge who is required to who has it. One place to store their learning courses/subjects from school to postgraduate.

    Our Valuse

    Quality is important than business

What we offer

Studynet Global is offer free and paid courses, Studiumbook campus offer Individuval LMS to schools, colleges & Industries
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Individual School LMS with 50 demand studiumbook courses
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Individual College LMS with 100 demand studiumbook courses
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Training Institutes individual network with co-business partners
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Industries for skill development & Onboard training with 500 studiumbook courses

Onboard Teaching

From the beginning of the year subject syllabus and what teacher will teach in class send to the students (Like Class1 : explanation topic , Class2: explanation topic , Class3: explanation topic,......) In onboard teaching Class material should send to student before start class. For teach Onboard teaching concept required animation / 3D images/ PPT .
  • Student get enthusiasm on class concept.
  • After explain the class it's easy to understand complete concept to the student (Under the same class teacher can attach Pdf, class notes, Diagrams, Questions, PPT also).
  • Conducted class wise mock tests.
  • Conduct class wise assignments through online.
  • With Onboard teaching teacher work will reduce & student efficiency will increase.
  • With Onboard teaching, teacher no need to bring class paper/notes into the class room, Before enter into class room teacher need to upload material into particular subject, then directly present into classroom. Its very easy to explain teacher and very interest to students .
  • Using Onboard teaching beginning of launching year teacher work will be same & next year onwards 50% of teacher work load will be reduced.

Flexible Teaching

Teacher can divide class students (Like High/ Medium/ low) based on knowledge. In Flexible teaching teacher can flexivate the study material based on student knowledge.
  • Flexible teaching is very used to increase student pass percentage.
  • With Flexible teaching Student efficincy will incrise.
  • In flexible teaching based on student requirement teacher can send material.
  • In Flexible teaching material security is high. Material visible only to the particular student.
  • Based on student interest teacher can send material to that particular student.

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