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Syllabus / What will i learn?

Introduction to Core Java

History of Java

What is Java , Java Flavours, Characteristics

JVM Architecture


Class Loader




Core Java Fundamentals

Object oriented concepts (OOP)

Keywords, Datatypes, Variables, Operators, Casting

Selection statement ( if, switch )

Control statements ( while, do while , for )

Conditional statements ( if, else, else if, ? :)



Object Oriented Programming with Java

Classes and Objects

Structure of a class - its internals ( Data Members, methods )

Using static


this keyword

What is access modifiers in java

Playing with the object ( copying, casting )

Garbage Collection in Java

Abstract Class in Java

Inheritance in Java

Basics (extends keyword in java)

Modifiers and their scope in java

Deriving a class

Super, Final keyword

Abstract class

Why java does not support multiple inheritance?

Polymorphism in Java

Overloading a method

Overloading a constructor

Method overriding

Accessing base class method

Packages and Interfaces


Modifiers and their scope chart

Setting class path

Compiling and accessing a packaged class

Types of packages

User defined package

Exploring java.lang package

String, StringBuffer, Arrays

Wrapper Classes

Core Java Exception Handling


Hierarchy of exceptions

Handling exception - Try, catch, finally, throw, throws

User defined exceptions


What is Struts?

Struts classes – ActionForward, ActionForm,

ActionServlet, Action classes

Understanding Action Mappings

Struts flow with an example application

Struts Tiles Framework

Struts Validation Framework

Internationalizing Struts Application

Struts with Message Resources

I/O Streams


Hierarchy of streams

IO Stream, Byte Stream, Character Streams

BufferedInputStream, BufferedOutputStream

Reader and Writer class

BufferedReader, PrintWriter


Java collections framework

Basics, Hierarchy

Legacy Classes – Vector, Queue, Stack, Enumeration, Dictionary, Properties

List, ArrayList, LinkedList

Set, HashSet, TreeSet

Map, HashMap, TreeMap




Boxing / Unboxing


Utility creation

Jar creation

Functional Programming in Java





IDE Tools

eclipse / intellij


J2EE Syllabus

J2EE Fundamentals

1Client, Server, Port, Application, Web Server, Application Server, Web Client and Web Application

Installation of Java and Understanding PATH and CLASSPATH

Installation of Eclipse

Installation of Tomcat and structure of Tomcat

Linking any Web Server with Eclipse

Static Resource Access from Tomcat

Servlet Internals and Servlet Programming

What are Servlets and why do we need Servlets?

Servlet Development with Eclipse

Developing Servlets

Compiling Servlets

Deployment and Invoking of Servlets

Purpose of Servlet Mapping and web.xml

Servlet Architecture

Detailed Architecture of Servlets

Discussion of GenericServlet, HttpServlet Interfaces

Programming Examples

Servlet Life Cycle

HTTP Internals

Detailed discussion of all parameters of request and response packets

Discussion of HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse interfaces

Session Tracking API

Practical visualization of Http Session objects and Session table

Session Tracking API

Session Tracking Programming

Cookies, URL Rewriting and Hidden Form Fields

Session Tracking API

ServletContext Object

RequestDispatcher Object


Why do we need filters?

Filter, FilterChain, FilterConfig interfaces

Programming examples

Application / Attribute Lifecycle Listeners

Why do we need Lifecycle Listeners?

ServletContext and ServletContext Attribute Listeners

Session and Session Attribute Listeners

Programming Examples

Java Server Pages (JSP) Internals and Programming

What is JSP? Why do we need JSP?

JSP development with Eclipse

JSP Life Cycle

Predefined Objects of JSP

Request, response, out and session objects

config, application, pagecontext objects

Scripting Tags (Writing Java code inside JSP)


@page, @include directives

Action tags of JSP

Difference between jsp:forward, jsp:include and @include tags

Programming examples to illustrate each tag

Expression Language

Why do we need EL?

Reading scoped attributes using EL

Reading bean properties using EL

Reading collections using EL

Operators of EL

Programming examples to illustrate each usage

JSTL (JSP standard tag library)

Why do we need JSTL?

Looping tags

Control tags

Database tags

118N tags

Programming examples to illustrate each category of tags

Custom tags

Custom tag creation based on Servlets

Custom tag creation based on JSP

Concept of tld file

Programming examples to illustrate each concept

Java Beans

What are Java beans and why do we need Java beans?

Action tags for java beans

Application of Java beans

Programming examples to illustrate each concept

MVC Architecture

Why do we need MVC?

Discussion of pros and cons of Servlets, JSP and JavaBeans

Programming example to illustrate Business logic, Controller logic, Presentation logic and Bean creation

Programming examples to illustrate each concept

Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) internals and programming

What is JDBC? Why do we need JDBC?

Discussion of JDBC driver types and Driver Manager

Connection object

Statement types and Discussion of each type of Statement Objects

ResultSet Types and Discussion of each type

Stored Procedure Access from java applications

Transaction Programming with JDBC

Savepoint and RowSet

DataSource and Connection Pooling

Batch Updates




Build Tool - Maven

Project: Implementation of traditional MVC in any domain

Spring Framework

Spring core

Types of containers

Xml configuration

Core annotations

Component – scan

What can be injected into a bean?

Spring MVC

Handler Mapping


View resolvers



Spring DAO

Jdbc templates

Exception hierarchy

Spring ORM

Hibernate template

Integration with hibernate

Spring AOP

Point cut


Types of advices

Spring – webservices (Restful API)

Spring security

Spring Data JPA

Hibernate ORM (Ver. 5.x)

Introduction to ORM (Object Relational Management)

Benefits of ORM

Hibernate jar files

Hibernate Architecture

SessionFactory , Session, Transaction, Query

Understanding config files .hibernate.xml, .hbm.xml

Performing CRUD operations

load, get, save, saveorupdate, delete


Working with various SQL commands

Accessing more than one object from the table






Level – I and II

Using third party to configure L2 cache

Note: Project orientation on Spring and Hibernate

Spring Boot (2.x)

Introduction / Benefits

Spring Boot overview

Bootstrapping an Boot Application


Auto Configuration

Spring Boot annotations

Spring Boot properties

Spring Boot profiles

Accessing data with Spring Boot and h2 database

Configuring Spring Boot with spring MVC application

Building a Restful web application with Spring Boot

Introduction to Micro Services


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